Meg Roberts Arsenovic (born 1987, West Point, VA) was raised by a leopard-print-loving yankee from Long Island, NY and a Savannah-Georgian-sailor in a tiny Virginia town at the intersection of the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and York rivers. As an artist based in Richmond, VA, her work is driven by processing lessons learned in all of these places, primarily through the use of alluring textures in bright, naive colors.

Meg received her BFA in Craft / Material Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country, including The Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA, Sienna Patti Contemporary, Lenox, MA, traveling exhibition Fiberart International 2019, and solo exhibitions at Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA and the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN. In 2018 Meg was chosen to attend the Haystack Open Studio Residency and the Monson Arts Residency. Invaluable conversations during these residencies led directly to her current research.

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Images of work: Photo credit to David Hunter Hale

Image of me on a knot pile at the Deer Isle Dump: Photo credit to Phoebe Kuo